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ECODIR stands for "Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution"

ECODIR helps consumers and businesses prevent or resolve their complaints and disputes online using a quick, efficient and affordable service. The service is free to both consumers and businesses.

ECODIR benefits consumers by providing them with an effective means of solving their complaints online. ECODIR uses a structured process of negotiation and (if required) mediation - all in a private and secure online environment. The system is easy to use, no matter where the parties are located.

ECODIR benefits businesses too, because counsumer complaints and claims are presented to them in a packaged format - allowing them to manage customer relations more efficiently. And customers prefer to deal with businesses that have effective complaint and dispute management procedures.

Take a look in these pages at ECODIR's Online Dispute Resolution Process and Policies to learn more about how ECODIR can be of benefit to you.


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